Senior Management

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Our senior management combines together businesspeople with local and international knowledge and is supervised by a board of directors with considerable international experience.

Combining the Best

Of Local & International Skills


Founder and Co-Chairman

MDC Group

Mr Aung Moe Kyaw is Founder and Co-Chairman of the MDC Group. A professional engineer by training, he started his career as Production Manager in Pepsi-Cola Company Myanmar. He was instrumental in the greenfield start-up of the company, establishing the production and bottling facilities, setting up an extensive nation-wide distribution and sales network, and building the brand. Under his leadership, Pepsi-Cola became the leading soft beverage company in Myanmar. Mr Aung Moe Kyaw was recognized for his achievements and assumed the position as Deputy Managing Director of MGS Beverages Company Private Ltd, the parent company of Pepsi-Cola Company Myanmar.

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Best Practice

In calling upon such professionalism, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and enhancing our standards, learning from and sharing best practice lessons continuously.