Celebrating all of

Life's achievements

Leaders In Industry

Responsible Approach to Business

Founded in 1995, Grand Royal Group quickly established a reputation for providing customers and consumers with exceptional products and outstanding service. Our first brands, Grand Royal Whisky and Royal Dry

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Passion for Our Craft

And Passion For Our People

Senior Management

Skilled & Experienced

Our senior management combines together businesspeople with local and international knowledge and is supervised by a board of directors with considerable international experience.

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About Whiskey

How We Create Our Masterblends

At Grand Royal we use only the finest ingredients and follow traditional processes to ensure a product of consistent quality.

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"Celebrating all of Life's achievements!"

Latest Press Releases

Grand Royal Group Received Internationally Recognized Awards, awarded for the first time to a Myanmar-owned Company

Grand Royal Group received the two following awards: “Best Employer of the Year 2017” and “Dream Employer of the Year-Asia Edition” given by World HRD Congress,

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